The Show Management System is enterprise equestrian competition management software.

Truly a "System"

We take a "systems approach" in developing our software to address the needs of North America's premiere equestrian competitions. From inputting entries to handling checkout and every function in between including

  • Federation membership compliance and electronic results submission. (USEF, EC, FEI {beta})
  • Event scheduling and planning
  • Hospitality Management
  • Feed Store and Inventory
  • Data mining and Customer Relationship Management
  • Event Web Site
  • Media Requests
  • TV broadcast and Live Web-casting
  • In-line Credit Card Authorization (Internet Secure, USA Epay, Securenet{beta})
  • We strive to keep it all integrated while providing the right tool for each job.

We Don't "Sell" Software

We don't sell you a shrink wrapped version of our software and then walk away. You are leasing "The System" for each event you use it for and in return you get our consulting services on how best to deploy and use it for your unique competition.


The Show Management System has been used for over five years at events hosting up to 2,000 horses per week at multi-week circuits. The System is maturing, but it's also being updated every day to suit the unique needs of our clients.

About Us

The Show Management System is a joint venture between Equestrian Management Group and Network Identity Inc. Craig Collins of EMG and Jon Kassel of Network Identity collaborated on the development of the System to succeed the original, Dataflex based EMG Horse Show Software in use at events around the world since the early 1990s. The new System utilizes a MySQL database server and Java client and can be deployed in a Windows, Macintosh, or Linux environment.

Find out more.

We invite you to use our contact form to send an e-mail to Jon to find out more about the System.